The Top 6 Best Scooters For Kids Available in 2019

You might be wondering: “what’s the best gift I can give to my son or daughter who is just turning 5”. Well for kids these days are technology oriented and that’s the main reason you will want to gift them the latest gadgets.

Getting an electric scooter for a child who is just turning 5 or 6 in a couple of months sounds like a good idea. But, the main problem arises when parents are unable to find the best electric scooter for kids due to market inflation.

WAIT! I have got the solution to this issue. That is, I have compiled a list of some of the best electric scooters that I think are suitable for kids of different age ranges.

Let’s have a look without any further ado:

Best Scooter for 4 Year Olds

The kids of this age range are active throughout the day and parents need to keep them indulged in different activities. Therefore, getting them an electric scooter might be a good idea.

So, the electric scooter ideal for 4 year olds is as follows:

1. Razor Pocket Mod – Best Electric Scooter Under 500

Razor Pocket Mod is the best choice available in the market for 4 year olds. That’s because this scooter is easy to use, handle, balance and provides a smooth riding experience as well. Furthermore, I was once looking for an electric scooter for my 4 year olds niece and there weren’t enough choices available. However, after finding out this gem, I decided to give it a go since this electric scooter was perfectly ideal for small kids. So, the first impressions were pretty smooth. On the other hand, the scooter was pretty easy to assemble. Long story short, my niece was pretty happy with it and is still using this electric scooter to enjoy long rides.

Some important features that you need to know about Razor Pocket Mod are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

Design and Shape:

The best scooter for kids is specially designed with a vintage mod and is made as comfortable as possible. There is enough space between the handle and the seats that a kid can easily ride it without standing. On the other hand, different color options are also available.

Mileage and Top Speed:

Talking about some technical specs, this scooter takes relatively less time than other scooters and has a better mileage ratio as well. That is, it can travel for at least 10 miles on one single charge. Furthermore, the top speed is recorded at 15 miles per hour which is pretty suitable for 4 year old kids.

Tires and Breaks:

Pneumatic tires are installed in this electric scooters to ensure better traction on the ground so that your child might be able to get away with injuries easily. The breaks, on the other hand, are pretty soft to press and can stop the scooter at once.

Who It’s For?

This electric scooter is ideal for small kids and teenagers. That is, I got it for my niece when she was 4 year olds and it’s been 2 years she is using it without feeling any discomfort. So, considering this, the scooter is ideal for 4 year olds and works perfectly for teenagers as well.


Although Razor has produced a perfect electric scooter for small children, it does have some downfalls. For instance, the build quality is not so suitable especially keeping the fact in mind that small kids are going to ride it roughly. The other thing which worries customers about this scooter is the poor customer service.


Vintage mod design.

Ideal for small kids and teenagers.

Different color range available.

Pneumatic tires for firm traction.

Chain driven electric motor.

Long battery life.

Top speed is more than enough.


A bit expensive for some people.

Build quality is not up to the mark.

Poor customer service.

Final Opinion:

Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter is undoubtedly an excellent choice for 4 year olds. Thus, I will strongly recommend it to parents who want to surprise their kids by gifting them this scooter priced at less than 500 bucks.

Best Scooter for 5 Year Olds

If you are wondering: “where can I get the best scooter for my child who is just 5 years old?” Then, you are surely in the right place.

The scooter mentioned below for 5 year olds is as follows:

2. Razor E300 – Best 24 Volt Electric Scooter for Kids

Razor E300 is the scooter that tops the category of being an excellent choice for 5 year olds. That being said, this electric scooter has some amazing features that will give your kid a smooth and comfortable riding experience. A Famous Electrical Engineer, i.e. Jimmy Stewards has a say on this scooter that, “This was the best gift I could get for my 5 year old son and he is using it from 2 years”. So, is it worth your money? The simple answer is YES. Razor won’t let you down especially when you are looking for the best scooter for kids in the market. The E300, on the other hand, also has an affordable price tag and that’s the main reason people are loving it.

I will want to shed light on some of the features for which this scooter is famous for:

Features You Need to Know:

Design and Shape:

The brand new Razor E300 has got a solid and ergonomic design. Hence, it becomes easier for a kid to enjoy a ride on it for a long time without feeling fatigue in his hands or body.

Motor Type and Acceleration Control:

A high torque chain-driven motor has been used in the best electric scooter for 5 year olds to ensure improved and great speed. Apart from that, this electric scooter has twist acceleration control which allows better control on the speed and works just like a motorcycle’s acceleration handle.

Top Speed and Battery Life:

Finally, top speed and battery life are also up to the mark. That is, E300 has a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Plus, the battery timing is 40 minutes on one full charge. Nonetheless, a high-quality charger is already included so that you can recharge the scooter easily.

Who It’s For?

E300 is an electric scooter meant for 5 year olds as I have already mentioned above. However, teenagers can also ride on it as it already supports 220 lbs weight capacity. On the lighter side, adults have also tried this electric scooter and they had no issues with the riding experience.


Every top-notch product with an affordable budget has some minor tweaks and that is the case with Razor E300 as well. For instance, the customer support is terrible. It should be improved considering how big the brand is. Furthermore, customers have faced issues in filling up the rear tire because of poorly designed tube valve.


Ideal for 5 year olds.

Works for 40 minutes on one full charge.

Torque, chain-driven electric motor.

The charger is already present in the package.

Extra-wide pneumatic tires.

Durable and sturdy design.


Customer support is poor.

Filling the rear tire is not an easy task.

It can’t go above 10 mph on rough terrains.

Final Opinion:

So, Razor E300 is offering some eye-catchy details in an affordable budget. However, some minor disadvantages are there and you have to consider them before making a final choice.

Best Scooter for 6 Year Olds

6 year olds are mature enough to enjoy rides of the latest electric scooters. That’s why I have decided to add a more powerful electric scooter for these kids.

Let’s have a look at it:

3. Razor Power Core E90 – Best Scooter for Kids Under 6 Year Age:

Razor is the only brand providing some of the best electric scooters especially for kids and you can’t just deny this fact. The brand new E90 is the latest release by this brand. First of all, it comes with solid construction. Second of all, the latest technologies have been deployed in the best electric scooter for 6 year olds to ensure a better riding experience. Considering the features it has: “It would be fair enough to say that Razor E90 is the best a parent can get for his 7 year old child at a reasonable rate”. I have tested and tried this electric scooter from different POVs and believe me it has never disappointed me especially when it came to riding.

Some notable features that will make you love this electric scooter are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

Power Core Technology:

The feature that separates E90 from other electric scooters is that it comes with Power Core technology. So, what’s this technology is about? Well, it has been added in this scooter to ensure 50% more battery and power than that of other electric scooters for kids available in the market.

No Alignment Required:

Razor Power Core has this amazing quality that it is maintenance-free. Just take it out from the box, charge it, and give it to your kid so that he can enjoy a fast and smooth riding experience.

Design and Shape:

The design and shape of the best scooter for kids is what makes it unique. It has a lightweight body. On the other hand, the bright green and black colored body parts surely add more beauty to this beast.

Top Speed and Battery Life:

talking about top speed which is 10 miles per hour even if your kid is riding it on rough terrains. In addition to that, the long battery life of 80 minutes is more than enough for your child to ride this scooter for a long time easily.

Who It’s For?

Razor Power Core electric scooter is best for 6 year olds. However, due to durable and sturdy design, it can handle a weight of 120 lbs easily. Hence, teenagers can also try it without any issues.


Just like other scooters, Power Core E90 also has some issues. That is, weather conditions have a great impact on how this scooter is going to perform. Furthermore, the build quality sucks even though Razor doesn’t compromise on the quality standards. The affordable price tag might be the reason for this though.


Lightweight body.

Vibrant colors.

Suitable for small kids.

No special maintenance required.

Power Core technology for improved power.

Long-life battery.


Not suitable for harsh weather conditions.

Build quality is compromised.

Cables can snap easily.

Final Opinion:

Razor Power Core E90 is indeed the best scooter for kids who just want to enjoy a smooth riding experience. Right now it is available at a discounted rate. So, better get the advantage of it before the sale ends.

Best Scooter for 7 Year Olds

Are you looking for an electric scooter that meets the requirements of your 7 year old son or daughter? Wait no more, because I have chosen one of the best scooters available for 7 year olds in this regard.

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself as below:

4. HOVERSTAR Electric Scooter – Best Scooter for Kids Under 100

Hoverstar is indeed the only competitor which comes close to Razor when it comes to finding the best scooters for kids in the market. The thing which impressed me a lot in Hoverstar electric scooter is that it comes with improved features and a cheap rate at the same time. That being said, it becomes a suitable choice automatically for parents who are unable to afford expensive electric scooters. The best electric scooter for 7 year olds thus, provides a smooth riding experience for a long time.

The notable features that you need to know regarding this electric scooter are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

Efficient Brake System:

Well, one of the notable features available within this electric scooters is the availability of improved and efficient brakes. Thus, your kid will remain safe from different injuries that can occur due to fast speed.

Delivers Great Power:

Even with a cheap price tag, the best scooter for kids can deliver strong power. Hence, the kid will be able to enjoy smooth and powerful riding experience for a long time.

Battery Timing and Top Speed:

Battery timing is average and that’s because the motor works on 12-volt power. So, it will allow you a 5 miles ride with one full charge. Next, the tops speed is marked a 6 MPH which is considered pretty fair because it is meant for 7 year olds.

Who It’s For?

Hoverstar electric scooter is suitable for children from 5 years to 10 years of age. That’s because it comes with a 120lbs weight capacity ensuring a good riding experience to a healthy kid easily.


Top speed is not that much. On the other hand, this electric scooter has an average battery life as 5 miles is not a good distance at all. But, for kids, it is good enough as they aren’t allowed to ride too far with scooters.


Durable and sturdy.

Extra-wide tires for a firm grip.

Efficient Brake system.

12-volt electric motor.

Suitable for small kids.


Average battery life.

Top speed is not enough for teenagers.

Final Opinion:

Well, as I have said above, Hoverstar is and should be your undisputed priority especially if you have a $100 budget to gift an electric scooter to your kid. So, better get it before it runs out of stock.

Best Scooter for 8 Year Olds

8 year olds are fond of trying out the latest gadgets these days. So, it might be a better idea for parents to gift their children a powerful electric scooter for this purpose.

Want to know what’s the best scooter for 8 year olds? Scroll down then:

5. Razor E100 – Ultra Quiet Electric Scooter for Kids and Teenagers

Razor has come forward with an updated but affordable electric scooter for kids aged under 8 years or above. The best scooter under 150 is especially designed to withstand harsh conditions and can provide a smooth riding experience at the same time. As far as the build quality is concerned, it is pretty solid due to the use of premium quality materials. Long story short, this scooter is what you need especially if you are looking for a powerful gadget within an affordable budget.

Some notable features that you should know regarding Razor E100 are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

Ultra-Quiet Riding Experience:

The best electric scooter for 8 year olds features a powerful but quiet chain-driven electric motor. Thus, making sure that your kid will be able to ride it in the neighborhood without disturbing anyone.

Battery Life and Top Speed:

Top speed of this electric scooter is 10 MPH which is pretty fast considering the age of a kid. On the other hand, it charges for 12 hours and can run for almost 40 minutes continuously.

Brake System:

A hand-operated brake is already present which acts on the rear tire and stops it hence allowing the kid to stop the scooter effectively. Furthermore, this brake system is pretty efficient and helps to keep your child as protective as possible.

Who It’s For?

Razor E100 is ideal for 8-12 age ranges. However, it is perfect for teenagers as well as it comes with 120 lbs weight capacity.


When it comes to discussing the advantages, the one which will top for Razor products will be poor customer support. So, you have to endure it. Alternatively, the design is pretty solid but is not meant for teenagers.


Lightweight body.

8″ front tire for firm traction.

Suitable for 8 year olds.

10 MPH top speed.

Efficient brake system.


Customer support is poor.

Not for teenagers.

Final Opinion:

Razor E100 is available in the market at a relatively low price as compared to other electric scooters. So, give it thought especially if you are thinking of gifting your 8 year old a fun gadget to enjoy.

Best Electric Scooter for Kids

Finally, the last category is of an all-rounder electric scooter which is perfect for kids of all age ranges.

Let’s take a look at the best scooter for kids and teenagers:

6. Segway Ninebot ES1 – Best Lightweight Electric Scooter for Kids:

Finally, the last electric scooter we have got on our list is from Segway which is a well-renowned scooter making brand in the market. The brand new Ninebot S1 offers a smooth riding experience, has a fast speed, and comes with a long-life battery at the same time. Long story short, it is a suitable choice for parents who intend to buy an expensive gift for their kids.

The notable features related to Segway Ninebot ES1 are as follows:

Features You Need to Know:

Design and Shape:

The body of the best electric scooter for kids is lightweight. Besides, it has got removable pads that can be removed for the efficient cleaning process.

Durable Tires:

Tires of Segway electric scooter are wider and have got special rubber construction to provide a firm grip on rough terrains.

Top Speed and Battery Life:

With a top speed of 12.5 MPH, a kid can easily ride in the neighborhood with a pretty fast pace. Plus, one full charge of this scooter gives 15 miles distance which is fair enough.

Who It’s For? 

Segway Ninebot is a long-term investment and is suitable for kids and teenagers as well.


Price is extremely high and that’s the main reason you have to take a look at Razor electric scooters if you need something affordable.


Improved power.

Solid construction.

Ideal for kids and teenagers.

15 miles distance coverage on one full charge.


Pricey electric scooter.

Not ideal for 4 year olds.

Final Opinion:

Segway Ninebot ES1 is an electric scooter to look out for especially if you want to surprise your kid with something expensive and fast. Check it out before it runs out of stock.

Some Last Words:

That would be it regarding the best scooters available in the market for kids. Keep in mind that these electric scooters have been picked up especially for people who are unable to make a final decision. So, check out the list I have mentioned above and select the best scooter based on your preferences to gift it to your kid.

Oh! one more thing. Have you got a query related to the main topic? In case you have a question, leave it down in the comment box and I’ll get back to the queries as soon as possible.